Thursday, October 16, 2008

what have i.. what have i... ?

how am i gonna get through?
how am i gonna get through? :)

i have the next four days off.
not sure what to do with myself.
lots of ideas. and lots and lots of questions (per usual)

so, what?

my kids wrote a funny "Fortunately/Unfortunately" story as a group. it will be genius when they illustrate and we publish it.
i get feelings of secretarial work. and i don't like my hands smelling like cheap coffee.
<> <> @

i wore cashmere for the first time this fall.. even in it's diminished quality, it's nice.



burgundy short sleeve cashmere sweater - banana republic
denim skirt - svoboda
grey cloth puma's with burgundy rubber band


new ebay template - simplify.
recycled a huge recycle.
best sushi in a looong time.
sweetwater 420
party dresses
sitting on my ass for periods too long.
not going to bassnectar


project runway.

Happy Birthday, Dad! (10/16/42)

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