Saturday, October 18, 2008

i keep wondering....

why do i put so much faith into someone who obviously has so little faith in me?

this is one part of life that is no supposed to be painful, and if it is... i should know how to end the pain.

- mstrkrft was sold out at 9:30.
- i went to tribe instead. i really, really wanted, no.. NEEDED to dance last night. and not to bad pop-dance videos. (tho they did play the long Thriller video, and that was good)
- i should not have to feel ASHAMED for who i am and what is important to me.. but i do.. i feel shame, and shamed.


black lounge pants (at least 10 years old from NYC and co)
black tshirt - banana republic
rose nylon and creme lace nightie top with tie sides - thrifted
grey wool hoodie - Gap
peds with grey balls
aquis towel in hair
sad, sad, expression.

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