Thursday, October 15, 2009

random cold-weather blog

i have been hitting the thrift stores nearly every day recently... and coming out with pieces of my fall and winter wardrobe. and really, a LOT of lounging pieces...

*huge camel cable knit cashmere sweater (has a hole that didn't show up till I washed it, so it's a lounge piece... I have it on now)
*red v-neck cashmere sweater (vintage and men's)
*pink ann taylor cashmere lounge pants (capri length and awesome... again some holes, but my house doesn't care)
*blue eileen fisher merino wool ribbed cardigan - so warm, cozy and just stylish enough
*yellow Neiman Marcus snake skin pumps
*2 pairs of 60's wool mittens
*navy and red adidas track pants (vintage)
*kiddie legwarmers to wear as armwarmers
*a wrap lounge dress that I was *sure* was 40's, but it's very hidden tag tells me 70's! I can't WAIT to wear this next spring.
*ridiculous acidwash jeans that I may or may not ever get the chance to wear. :)
*cream colored mohair swing coat with navy trim collar and pockets (vintage)
* pumpkin colored a-line dress - need some full-length leggings - like REALLY FULL LENGTH for the long-legged and TOTALLY OPAQUE. (where can i find these?!)

and i know there's more... but i'm feeling kinda over-shopped right now.. (but the most expensive was the mohair at $15.00 and most were $4.99 or less.. :)

*a pair of corduroy trousers
*some perfect-fitting twill pants
*black knee-high low-heeled boots
*more knee socks
*a warm scarf or two
*one or two new tops
*the aforementioned leggings - BLACK and maybe NAVY
*some royal blue tights from