Tuesday, October 28, 2008


so, i rarely look at the front page on etsy... but i just did and got to see a brown, scalloped, felt version of this --->

made by erin - bearding the world, 1 chin at a time

i had my first hoop class today.. definitely different than the Saturday morning classes, and this one kicked my ass. i am going to feel it so good tomorrow.
i suck hooping in reverse, and that's all we did. i practice, but it feels alien, and my hips don't like my feet alternating front forward.

wearing now - my hooping clothes (old cut off jeans and a tshirt)

wore today-
navy suede flat ankle boots - thrifted
baby blue socks with little duckies - target $1 bin
jean skirt - svoboda
plum modal ls tshirt - svoboda
cream colored long sweater vest - thrifted
member's only caramel leather jacket - thrifted and in love
yellow bakelite bangles - ebay
moss green suede and snakeskin clutch - thrifted
refound tiny silver stud earrings xoxo - the ether

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunny Saturday

i'm trying not to spend money, so not going to the Flea Mkt, which is supposed to be chock-full of vintage goodies this weekend. i'm guessing this is a good one to attend most years.
it's a good way to spend a day, and parking is only $3, and good for the whole weekend.

i always love going, the people watching, and the finding small miracles of time.

it's Pumpkinfest in downtown Franklin.. traffic is insane outside.
i saw some cute costumed kids earlier this morning.
waited in line for 25 minutes at the post office.
got a yummy sub and coffee
all with a weird headache that won't go away (even with the coffee)

so i look like this today- a little fuzzy around the edges.

shoes - vans @ tj maxx
jeans - svoboda @ ebay
tneck - target
sweater - banana republic
bracelet - sojourns (fair-trade store in B'ham, AL)
scarf - handmade and gifted by cara

Friday, October 24, 2008


i'm stuffed full of sushi and onward stout -
bundled up to keep warm.
semi-watching labyrinth
just sold one of my favorite pieces
cruising for things i can't live without.

i've found some contenders
dansko fiona boots - brown
my favorite svoboda skirt for $19.99
a few things on etsy that i can't reveal for fear of losing them

and then there's this dress - i can't own it, but maybe you can - approx size 14/16

the colors are perfect, and i love the pattern.

i really don't need to say anything; it speaks for itself.

and it's found here - redhousevintage

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the coolest girl i know

she's made 2 amazing webs.
catches sweet looking bugs in it.
and lets me get really, really close.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

i keep wondering....

why do i put so much faith into someone who obviously has so little faith in me?

this is one part of life that is no supposed to be painful, and if it is... i should know how to end the pain.

- mstrkrft was sold out at 9:30.
- i went to tribe instead. i really, really wanted, no.. NEEDED to dance last night. and not to bad pop-dance videos. (tho they did play the long Thriller video, and that was good)
- i should not have to feel ASHAMED for who i am and what is important to me.. but i do.. i feel shame, and shamed.


black lounge pants (at least 10 years old from NYC and co)
black tshirt - banana republic
rose nylon and creme lace nightie top with tie sides - thrifted
grey wool hoodie - Gap
peds with grey balls
aquis towel in hair
sad, sad, expression.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"i want you to pull my hair and ravish me...

and leave me for dead." midge

what have i.. what have i... ?

how am i gonna get through?
how am i gonna get through? :)

i have the next four days off.
not sure what to do with myself.
lots of ideas. and lots and lots of questions (per usual)

so, what?

my kids wrote a funny "Fortunately/Unfortunately" story as a group. it will be genius when they illustrate and we publish it.
i get feelings of secretarial work. and i don't like my hands smelling like cheap coffee.
<> <> @

i wore cashmere for the first time this fall.. even in it's diminished quality, it's nice.



burgundy short sleeve cashmere sweater - banana republic
denim skirt - svoboda
grey cloth puma's with burgundy rubber band


new ebay template - simplify.
recycled a huge recycle.
best sushi in a looong time.
sweetwater 420
party dresses
sitting on my ass for periods too long.
not going to bassnectar


project runway.

Happy Birthday, Dad! (10/16/42)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

catching up on sleep

i have never been one for naps.. yet i'm taking them often these days

i cleaned house for a while today, but things are still a total mess.

my co-dependent side wants someone to just come hang out in the house while i clean - i'd get a lot more done that way.

wearing -

flutter sleeve fall floral nylon jersey dress - modified to be knee length - thrifted in AL

tan leather t-straps with wooden heel - thrifted in Nashville

side pony - perfectly messy from 4 hour nap

watching -


Thursday, October 9, 2008

the week that was

insanity week -

i had a vintage yard sale saturday and sunday, and it was successful! and fun!, but so, so tiring. and when you have one bedroom and one other room (and a galley kitchen) prepping and recovering from a outdoor (downstairs) sale is a big feat.

it still looks like a tornado hit in here... but it's slowly being organized, and this weekend, i WILL be able to vacuum the bulk of my floors.

i love doing the sale. this was the second.
i was much more prepared this time.
wish d would have been able to come, and that he had given more than 12 hours notice.. but with a little help from the people who love me most, everything went very, very smoothly. i also need to embrace my independence.
i met cool people, and got to swap stories about favorite finds.

i wish i had taken pics of people trying on things.

and it's parent-teacher conference time.
it's good to do, it's necessary, but it's been non-stop from Monday morning until tomorrow morning. I've done at least 25 conferences in 4 days. I've slept 9+ hours every night since Saturday, and am still exhausted. But in a good way.

red leather peeps with wooden wedge - vintage ebay
black cropped pants - lee @ kohl's
white 3/4 slv dress shirt - LB @ goodwill
black sweater vest (no buttons) LB
pieced leather clutch - music city thrift
white bakelite winding snake bangle - TN Flea Mkt this summer (xoxo)


LCD Soundsystem