Tuesday, October 28, 2008


so, i rarely look at the front page on etsy... but i just did and got to see a brown, scalloped, felt version of this --->

made by erin - bearding the world, 1 chin at a time

i had my first hoop class today.. definitely different than the Saturday morning classes, and this one kicked my ass. i am going to feel it so good tomorrow.
i suck hooping in reverse, and that's all we did. i practice, but it feels alien, and my hips don't like my feet alternating front forward.

wearing now - my hooping clothes (old cut off jeans and a tshirt)

wore today-
navy suede flat ankle boots - thrifted
baby blue socks with little duckies - target $1 bin
jean skirt - svoboda
plum modal ls tshirt - svoboda
cream colored long sweater vest - thrifted
member's only caramel leather jacket - thrifted and in love
yellow bakelite bangles - ebay
moss green suede and snakeskin clutch - thrifted
refound tiny silver stud earrings xoxo - the ether

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