Thursday, October 9, 2008

the week that was

insanity week -

i had a vintage yard sale saturday and sunday, and it was successful! and fun!, but so, so tiring. and when you have one bedroom and one other room (and a galley kitchen) prepping and recovering from a outdoor (downstairs) sale is a big feat.

it still looks like a tornado hit in here... but it's slowly being organized, and this weekend, i WILL be able to vacuum the bulk of my floors.

i love doing the sale. this was the second.
i was much more prepared this time.
wish d would have been able to come, and that he had given more than 12 hours notice.. but with a little help from the people who love me most, everything went very, very smoothly. i also need to embrace my independence.
i met cool people, and got to swap stories about favorite finds.

i wish i had taken pics of people trying on things.

and it's parent-teacher conference time.
it's good to do, it's necessary, but it's been non-stop from Monday morning until tomorrow morning. I've done at least 25 conferences in 4 days. I've slept 9+ hours every night since Saturday, and am still exhausted. But in a good way.

red leather peeps with wooden wedge - vintage ebay
black cropped pants - lee @ kohl's
white 3/4 slv dress shirt - LB @ goodwill
black sweater vest (no buttons) LB
pieced leather clutch - music city thrift
white bakelite winding snake bangle - TN Flea Mkt this summer (xoxo)


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