Thursday, October 15, 2009

random cold-weather blog

i have been hitting the thrift stores nearly every day recently... and coming out with pieces of my fall and winter wardrobe. and really, a LOT of lounging pieces...

*huge camel cable knit cashmere sweater (has a hole that didn't show up till I washed it, so it's a lounge piece... I have it on now)
*red v-neck cashmere sweater (vintage and men's)
*pink ann taylor cashmere lounge pants (capri length and awesome... again some holes, but my house doesn't care)
*blue eileen fisher merino wool ribbed cardigan - so warm, cozy and just stylish enough
*yellow Neiman Marcus snake skin pumps
*2 pairs of 60's wool mittens
*navy and red adidas track pants (vintage)
*kiddie legwarmers to wear as armwarmers
*a wrap lounge dress that I was *sure* was 40's, but it's very hidden tag tells me 70's! I can't WAIT to wear this next spring.
*ridiculous acidwash jeans that I may or may not ever get the chance to wear. :)
*cream colored mohair swing coat with navy trim collar and pockets (vintage)
* pumpkin colored a-line dress - need some full-length leggings - like REALLY FULL LENGTH for the long-legged and TOTALLY OPAQUE. (where can i find these?!)

and i know there's more... but i'm feeling kinda over-shopped right now.. (but the most expensive was the mohair at $15.00 and most were $4.99 or less.. :)

*a pair of corduroy trousers
*some perfect-fitting twill pants
*black knee-high low-heeled boots
*more knee socks
*a warm scarf or two
*one or two new tops
*the aforementioned leggings - BLACK and maybe NAVY
*some royal blue tights from

Saturday, September 19, 2009

birthday weekend....

I have not blogged in almost 8 months... I don't know why. It's not like I have nothing to say. :) I ALWAYS have something to say... clothes to share, links to link.

I think I am going to blog more. Small ones. To keep me focused.

Here's my 8-month update:

* Hula Hooped the Music City Marathon in April. Was amazing.. one of the best things I've ever done.
* Won Teacher of the Year at my school. I was embarrassed and humbled and got $50 ;)
* Road-tripped all summer... seeing old friends, and hitting as many thrift shops as I could get to! - Bonnaroo, Oxford, MS, Shreveport, LA, Dallas and Austin, TX, Memphis, TN, Atlanta, GA.
* Moved into a studio!! That is a recent occurrence!! It's in East Nashville, with all the cool kids, and so far, I LOOOOVE it.. as does my apartment, which was way overcrowded.
* I am taking a photo class at Watkins. yay, me!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will celebrate 33 years on the planet. I will wear a pretty dress and have brunch in Germantown with my family and my boy. I will blog more.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


that's about all i can say about this dress. 

and - 

it'll fit a waist up to 40"
it's navy with red polka dots 
fully pleated front
it's silk
it's insanely gorgeous. 

it can be had on ebay - from labellevintage_inc

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i am mildly obsessed with Google Analytics. 
it tells me things i find fascinating. 

like - i don't really use facebook, (so little, im not even linking it right now) yet on a list of 200 referral sites, facebook is top 5. (so maybe i'll be working on that a bit more!) 

or like - people in NY bounce from my front page, while people from CA stay for a while. 
               France bounces... Canada stays. 

or - that i got 26 hits from Australia in 10 hours.. hmm?...  and a new (but not unfamiliar) name was on my referral list - frocksandfroufrou

so I go, and find out that I'm a featured seller on her blog today. woohoo. 

it's a lovely blog. i know about it because of another site where we're both members. 
lillipilli - (as she's known to me) has fab style, and takes a great pic. 
she writes mostly personal style/fashion, from the point-of-view of someone who doesn't take the lack of cute options lying down. amen. 

i check out her blog several times a month (which is saying a LOT for me) and I always love to see what she's wearing and writing. seems lots of other ladies enjoy it, too. 

(and she has badass red boots!) 

so anyway, the blog today is about finding plus-size vintage online. 
i am in good company, and i feel pretty special about being included. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

full on love

my sister gave me the gift of flickr for christmas - so i'm now pro. woo. 

and i went pro today because i received my new camera today - i know buydig gets a bad rap sometimes, but i had to take a risk, because that's a pretty good deal, and i did get the second lens. 

so, i'm in love with it.. actually no. i'm in lust. that beginning of the relationship where you're hot and heavy and you kindddda see a few issues, but you just. don't. care. 

that's me right now. 

i took a bazillion pics today of kitchenware. deleted most. but figured out some things that will be helpful in the future. best to start with inanimate objects before moving on to people. 

::what i wore::

braided mess
white beater - new in package in the free box @ work 
tissue turtleneck in eggplant -target
superfaded -soon-to-be-grey- svoboda cate's 
back and grey vertical rib kneesocks - christmas stocking years ago-
grey suede booties - v V v 
long black bouclé open cardigan - thrifted
beautiful cashmere scarf/wrap thingy - giftie from drew 

no pic - i look like ick. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

the little vacation that was

computer is still down 
things don't go according to plan. 
bought my new camera..  a grown-up, multi-function one. i'm really excited to get it. 

went to a party for NYE wore : 

which really looks more like this: 

had several amazing shopping excursions during vacation -

     ::be on the lookout for:
tons of new boots and shoes in all sizes (5-12) 
new housewares
lots of kitchen goodies
40's-50's magazines and catalogs
and of course the coolest clothes to be found in Nashville and the surrounding.