Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i am mildly obsessed with Google Analytics. 
it tells me things i find fascinating. 

like - i don't really use facebook, (so little, im not even linking it right now) yet on a list of 200 referral sites, facebook is top 5. (so maybe i'll be working on that a bit more!) 

or like - people in NY bounce from my front page, while people from CA stay for a while. 
               France bounces... Canada stays. 

or - that i got 26 hits from Australia in 10 hours.. hmm?...  and a new (but not unfamiliar) name was on my referral list - frocksandfroufrou

so I go, and find out that I'm a featured seller on her blog today. woohoo. 

it's a lovely blog. i know about it because of another site where we're both members. 
lillipilli - (as she's known to me) has fab style, and takes a great pic. 
she writes mostly personal style/fashion, from the point-of-view of someone who doesn't take the lack of cute options lying down. amen. 

i check out her blog several times a month (which is saying a LOT for me) and I always love to see what she's wearing and writing. seems lots of other ladies enjoy it, too. 

(and she has badass red boots!) 

so anyway, the blog today is about finding plus-size vintage online. 
i am in good company, and i feel pretty special about being included. 

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