Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sixty items in the shop

that makes me happy.

75 total.. and that makes me happy, too!

here are mine:

Buy Vintage

and here are some of my favorites: (if you're not sure what to get me..)

Buy vintage

dressing as you feel


vintage cotton eyelet slip
dropped waist navy sweater dress - gap
brown suede peeptoe wedges - j. jill via goodwill

teardrop beaded earrings with gold and green beads - ?? but some bad mall store you'd never usually find good-looking jewelry.

i have a bit of a pomp in the bangs - pinned back and a long braid.

used to be afraid to express myself with clothing at work.
now, i do it much more, and i get amazing amounts of compliments.
part of it is the items chosen. i don't have a definite style, but i know better what i like and what will look good on me. (even if i choose to purposefully ignore it)
the other part is me being happier at my job, because i feel good about and in my clothes.

i haven't worn pants but 5-6 times since school started. love that. wear something vintage almost every day.
but looking forward to new corduroys (my last season svoboda's found on ebay.. and hopefully a pair of darren trentacosta's cord trousers)

put on comfortable heels sometimes, and try to wear at least one piece of jewelry per day.. (which is surprisingly hard for me)

i feel the need to write, but i am soo bad at this blog thing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

trying the blog thing, again...

AS dark jeans cut off at knee
vintage sheer pastel plaid cap sleeve top - 70's
huge poodle knit vintage slouchy cardigan - 80's

flipping between philadelphia, v for vendetta, and castaway - waiting for madmen to come on

goals for the week:
75 items in the shop
blogging at least once this week
vacuuming the main room
making birthday plans for the weekend