Sunday, January 11, 2009

full on love

my sister gave me the gift of flickr for christmas - so i'm now pro. woo. 

and i went pro today because i received my new camera today - i know buydig gets a bad rap sometimes, but i had to take a risk, because that's a pretty good deal, and i did get the second lens. 

so, i'm in love with it.. actually no. i'm in lust. that beginning of the relationship where you're hot and heavy and you kindddda see a few issues, but you just. don't. care. 

that's me right now. 

i took a bazillion pics today of kitchenware. deleted most. but figured out some things that will be helpful in the future. best to start with inanimate objects before moving on to people. 

::what i wore::

braided mess
white beater - new in package in the free box @ work 
tissue turtleneck in eggplant -target
superfaded -soon-to-be-grey- svoboda cate's 
back and grey vertical rib kneesocks - christmas stocking years ago-
grey suede booties - v V v 
long black bouclé open cardigan - thrifted
beautiful cashmere scarf/wrap thingy - giftie from drew 

no pic - i look like ick. 

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