Sunday, December 21, 2008

once a month blogging...

doesn't cut it! 

here's what's what. 

drew left for vegas today. i got to have brunch/lunch with him and then drive the long way to the airport. dropped him off and drove around Hermitage and Lebanon. 
Ran into some vintage procuring sites!
i found about 10 great new pieces today... and left 20-30 behind  (i'm being selective) 
and for me:
a pyrex butter dish
a children's book from the 60's called Lengthy, about a extra-long schnauzer. 
a wooden soldier from Denmark 
and two lovely knit skirts (I've been searching for MONTHS!) 
ooh and a crazy woven belt with gold leather details 

my computer is dead, we think. 
and i am a moron, and thought i'd backed up to my external HD properly, and i didn't... 
so there might be 3 years of music, work, pics, bookmarked sites, etc. gone. - i'm not sure what i'll do. 

so I'm listing things that only need a pic or two that I have already online. 
which sucks.. because I'm on vacation right now, and have lots of time to put new goodies up in the shop. 

but there are still good goodies to be had. 100 of them to be exact. :) 

still time to get a fab NYE dress or top!

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